Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a book cost?

Books from HotEnton Arts cost as low as Ksh100 or $0.99 and go as high as Ksh200 or $1.99.


What ebook formats do you sell?

We sell books in pdf formats.


What collections do you have?

We have Crime Books, Danielle Steels Collection and African Literature. We also have other wonderful books that we haven’t placed under any category.


Do you sell non-fiction books? 

We do not sell non-fiction books. But we will add motivational books, business books and how-to books in future as we expand our library.


How do you purchase a book?

There are two ways you can purchase a book. via Mpesa, or via Paypal. Through Paypal, you can also use your card. Read here to be taken step by step on how to buy.


Is my purchase experience secure?

We make sure that our customer information is private to them only. Other companies like Paypal might require a few details in order to complete the purchase process. Most importantly, your information security is our priority.


What if I am not a Paypal customer?

For customers who do not use Paypal, once you tap the ‘buy now’ button, you will be prompted to either use Paypal or card. You can then use card. If you don’t have a card, and are not a Paypal customer, you can use the Mpesa option.


How does purchase via Mpesa work? 

There are instruction on how to use Mpesa in every details page of every book. You can read more here.


How many books can I buy at a go?

The ‘buy now’ button will only allow you to buy one book at a time. But when using Mpesa, you can always make an order of the number of different books you want to buy.

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